What charity do you work with?

The MetroWest Humane Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit no-kill animal shelter located in Ashland, MA. The shelter is amazing – if you are looking to adopt a cat, please consider MetroWest! We also accept cash or check (made out to MetroWest Humane Society) donations, cat food and litter at the stores that we deliver to the shelter on your behalf!

Can I get a receipt for tax purposes?

Yes, we furnish receipts for donations on behalf of the MetroWest Humane Society. Donation receipts are available right at our front counters. Simply fill out your name, address, and provide us with a brief description of your donation.

Please note that the receipt you receive at the store will only briefly itemize your donation so it is a good idea to make a separate specific itemized list of your donation for your records. This is your receipt that you should keep for your tax records. Per the IRS guidelines, it is up to you to value your donation. We do not value your donation for you.

How do I make a donation?

Tax deductible donations of gently used clothing, shoes, furniture, knick knacks, jewelry, books, games, toys, rugs, and household items are always greatly appreciated. Donations may be dropped off during regular business hours at either of our convenient Donation Centers. Please see our Donate page for additional information regarding donations.

How do I value my donation?

It is always up to you, the donor, to place a fair market value on your donation. Fair market value is the amount you could reasonably expect to sell your goods for at used goods stores such as consignment or thrift shops or via a yard sale. It is a good idea to review IRS Publication 561 entitled “Determining the Value of Donated Property” before itemizing your donation. The publication can be accessed via the Internet at http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p561.pdf.

The following list may be useful as a guide when determining the fair market value of your donation, although some fair market values will fall below the low range or above the high range.


Blouses 2.99 to 19.99
Bathrobes 3.49 to 14.99
Coats 7.99 to 19.99
Dresses 7.99 to 29.99
Hats .99 to 8.99
Jackets 7.99 to 29.99
Jeans 5.99 to 19.99
Nightgowns 3.49 to 9.99
Pant suits 7.99 to 29.99
Purses 3.99 to 29.99
Suits 7.99 to 19.99
Shoes & Boots 4.99 to 19.99
Skirts 3.99 to 9.99
Sweaters 3.99 to 16.99
Slacks 4.99 to 19.99
Ties & Belts 1.99 to 7.99


Blouses 2.49 to 8.99
Dresses 2.49 to 14.99
Jackets 2.49 to 29.99
Jeans 2.49 to 14.99
Shoes 1.99 to 9.99
Sweaters 2.49 to 9.99


Blankets 2.99 to 19.99
Bedspreads 3.99 to 26.99
Curtains 1.79 to 14.99
Pillows .99 to 9.99
Throw Rugs 2.99 to 19.99


Coffee Table 4.99 to 49.99
Dresser 19.99 to 124.99
End Tables 9.99 to 49.99
Floor Lamps 4.99 to 49.99
Hutch 99.99 to 399.99
Pictures & Paintings 4.99 to 49.99
Play-Pens 9.99 to 39.99
Rugs 4.99 to 99.99
Radio 2.99 to 99.99

Do you sell every item that is donated?

We sell almost every item that is donated because we believe it is up to our customers to decide what is trash and what is treasure. We’ll often get an item that even we don’t think will sell and then it is the first thing that goes that day! The only items we will not put out for sale are ones that are severely damaged or broken, unsafe, hazardous or recalled. These items are thrown away or recycled when that is an option. Severely ripped and stained clothing is also recycled.

I donated an item by accident. Can I get it back?

We receive so many donations that it is impossible to locate any one item once it has been donated. Please be sure that what you are donating is actually meant to be donated prior to making the donation. It’s fine with us if you want to check your bags one last time before leaving the donation at the store.

Do you barter or negotiate prices?

No, we are not like a car dealership or regular retail stores that mark prices up leaving room for negotiation. We price everything as low as possible from the start so there is no need for haggling! We would not be able to stay in business if our prices were any lower than they already are. Therefore, our salespeople are not allowed to haggle prices under any circumstances. All items are marked down after a set period of time. However, most items sell the first day they are put out for sale so it is best to get it while you can! We’ve had many customers return to the store for an item they saw earlier only to find that it is now gone!